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A Social Media Growth AND Monetization Engine for Web3 Products and Services.

We’re Cardinal House, and we provide social media content you can put your name behind.

We’re experts on Twitter content. We only offer services we can confidently deliver exceptional results on.

We work with long-term clients, so finding others with aligned values and business culture is an important factor in whether we both decide to take the next step forward.

We embody a growth-oriented mindset through our focus on developing skillsets and constantly improving our service quality to optimize social media growth.

We value consistency. Building a brand requires a commitment to quality content over an extended period of time. This drives exponential growth and influences your business desires.

We treat your business’s social media content as our own. We believe in the idea that if you succeed, we’ll be working together for a long time.

We prioritize establishing long-term relationships with clients focused on ambitious business growth.

Our Services

We create your Twitter content to grow your community and help drive revenue and conversions for your business.

Our service can only be rivaled by hiring a full-time employee for Twitter that is highly skilled in written content, ghostwriting, graphics design, and networking. Assuming that there is someone with that diverse of a skillset, that would cost a fortune.

Build Your Audience Passively

Your Twitter Profile is a landing Page. Optimizing it means you capture more attention and improve your funnel, leading to increased conversions.

Tell Your Story

The attention economy is now and this new age emphasizes authenticity. Social Media yields exponential results over an extended time horizon.

We tackle this with quality value-adding creatives while increasing the volume DRAMATICALLY.

Exploring Partnership Opportunities

Through Content and outreach on social media, we establish connections you need with…

– consumers
– key opinion leaders
– potential business partners

The value of relationships and social media gives you access to a worldwide network. We engage and build relationships with these potential partners and their communities to build the connections that will push forward your community and revenue growth.

Transform Your Brand into Revenue

Take your social media growth and make money. Our scope doesn’t end with just creating content for you. Brand growth is exponential. Revenue shouldn’t be any different.

We turn your audience into revenue through lead-generation posts and written copy to give you a positive ROI on something that other businesses do without results.

Driven by Results

Through in-depth research, we establish your target market and the most effective content and mediums to drive maximum results. We analyze trends in the overall market and your specific niche to plan the most effective spend on marketing dollars.

We hold weekly strategy calls to review the effectiveness of previous efforts and discuss future opportunities.

Accelerate with Ads

When advertising on social media, targeting your audience with relevant creatives matters.

We are actively testing creatives and keywords to achieve the largest ROI.

Client Results

Social Media Campaigns that Deliver an ROI

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